The following are training programs on various topics that are FREE for you to access. You can choose to provide me with your email address or not. It is entirely up to you. If you are satisfied and like what you have learnt, you can always share the content with others.

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What you will discover in this training...

This free training will encompass the basics of Internet Marketing. If you need more or specific information on a particular topic, feel free to send me a message at the bottom of this page.

There is also additional training in the paid section, please feel free to check it out.

What is Internet Marketing

I talk about the definition of Internet Marketing.
Most people get this wrong.

The IM Game

Oh Yes! This is a game that people play in the IM segment. To do well you need to understand the game.

Why IM as Opposed to Traditional Marketing?

I define the difference between the two and the merits of each.


Why Blogging? Hate to write? No Problem. But somebody's got to do it and for good reason.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing and why call it that?

Affiliate Marketing

There are only two ways to really make money online and this is one of them.

Video Marketing

This is BIG! Everything is about Video now. Learn why and what to do.

Email Marketing

Tried and tested. It works! I will briefly educate you on how to build a list.

Niche Selection

Let's narrow down your focus. It is too busy out there to go behind everything. Time to focus.

The Importance of Social Media

This is the new communication. Get with the program or be square.

It's All About Traffic

Ha! Why 'Eye Balls'? Without this you will go no where.

Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic

I discuss the difference between the two and teach you a bit more about pad traffic methods.

Product Development - Part 1

This is the second way to make money in IM. The Gurus do not tell you this.

Product Development - Part 2

This topic is so important that I need to talk more on it.

Listing / Selling Your Product

I teach you where to list and sell your prodcuts.

How to Recruit Affiliates

This is a MUST! You need to devlope great relationships here.

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